An autosurf is a website that allows you to gain free traffic. It usually works as a traffic exchange, members gains points/credits by visiting others sites and then they can spend the points/ credits to promote their sites. But you can also buy points to start immediately. The website will be visited via your internet browser or software during some seconds, depending on the owner settings, and then the system will automatically moved to the next site without any action required.If you have just created your new site or if you struggle to get traffic, autosurfs are one of the best ways to start making your site popular by getting more visitors and page views.
The main difference between autosurf and manual is that an autosurf does not require any action from the user so your site might be viewed by a bot or the others user might not pay attention to your site. For example each 10 seconds a new website is visited automatically using your internet browser or website software. The advantage is that you will get more visits on your site and less work. Whereas using a manual traffic exchange site the user needs each time to click on a picture or a button or to solve a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) in order to visit a new site. You will get real visitors and a better conversion of leads or sales on your site.Here are the most important autosurf traffic exchange sites ordered by Alexa treffic rank:

LinkCollider-SEO Tools with Social Media AdvertisingLinkCollider is the FREE SEO tools with social media advertising to improve SEO and increase website traffic as well as your primary source of likes, tweets, shares, subscribers, followers & blog posts.Our SEO tools will help you grow your business,personal blogs and social media networks by pairing site owners who want to increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and get free Facebook likes&shares with users who will genuinely interact with their web platforms.You can use LinkCollider as an SEO tools to increase website traffic and connect with real people from more than 350,000 active users from more than 200 countries.Social media plays a role in your site’s popularity and LinkCollider can help you get free Facebook likes,followers,Pinterest pins,Twitter tweets&followers,Facebook shares,YouTube subscribers, TikTok Pinterest and Instagram followers, Tumblr reposts, WordPress posts, Blogger/Blogspot posts.You cannot imagine how social media could change the fate of your website SEO.Nowadays,most search engines use social media stats to calculate the popularity of a website.It’s been tested and proven by many site owners and now LinkCollider is here to guide you how you can get more social media shares,followers and likes which can lead you to the success and improve your website SEO at the same time.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
autosurfWebsyndic is an autosurf traffic exchange system, which distributes free visits. Millions visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system allows you to increase your advertising revenue, your rankings position and more.Once registered, you can submit the sites on which you wish to receive visitors. Using the viewer, you earn credits which you can redeem against visits to your site. You can also earn additional credits by recommending Websyndic to your friends.Websyndic v3 offers a faster, more fluid navigation, and more efficient among other things, you can now hide the referer.The new viewer has also been revised and improved to ensure minimum blockages and increase your credits gains. These are just a few aspects of the new version of the Websyndic autosurf.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Advertising in the mail and traffic exchangeAdvertise with us and get new traffic for visiting sites our business partners and members.Getting new hits and visits could not be easier:all you have to do is go online and open the link to the surfbar,that’s it.Now all you have to do is sit back and relax,the credits will roll in automatically.That’s why they call it an auto-surf! The visitors will be displayed to you automatically and with every site visit,you get high quality targeted traffic in exchange.Surf with us and sign up now.Compared to other exchanges, eBesucher is free and allows you to significantly increase the traffic on your site.With the traffic exchange,you can visit websites 24 hours,which is why we have deve- loped tools to earn more credits: All users are entitled to surf with the eBesucher addon,a great tool which masters your surfing experience. It runs smoothly and allows you to visit a greater number of websites,manage your cookies,block popups and clean your cache.In addition,the free eBesucher restarter assures that sites in the exchange can be accessed flawlessly.Advertising with eBesucher does not only get you more visitors but also increases your ranking on sites like Alexa.Powerful features provide a great opportunity to optimize the settings of web analysis tools like Google Analytics or Piwik.Participating in the traffic exchange is a great asset which gives you a clear advantage towards your competitors.Increase your ranking now!. Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Otohits, fast and efficient autosurfAn application reliable and stable.Available for Windows and LinuxSurf as you want! And it’s totally free!Otohits has been made to be simple and fast:A quick registration.A fast validation (under 24h) of your websites, even automatic for certain websites.An unique autosurf engine!More than 15 millions visits delivered every day!A lot of advanced options are available!Dynamic Ratio up to 1:1, completely free Dynamic Timer from 10 to 600 secondsMulti-instance ready (1 account = many IP addresses)Hide/Change the refererChange user-agent.Clicks on page (Anti bounce rate)Geotargeting,Scrolling on page Advanced management for visits delivery (Throttling)Click banner to JOIN FREE!
9Hits - Traffic Exchange9Hits is an automatic traffic exchange. Joining our system, you can receive tens of thousands of visits per day from thousands of members around the world. We offer many options that you can flexibly configure your website and fully control the traffic in your way.With the enthusiasm of the development team and the unique features that cannot be found in other systems, the number of members is continuously increasing hour to hour. 9Hits would like to bring you the best web traffic solution! Supported features: Customize duration,GEO-targeting traffic ,Hourly limit randomly,Popups allowed,Customize frequency capping,Customize user agents,Customize traffic source (referrer)
Statistic in real-time,Interactive by macro,Stable and safe viewer application,Proxies supported,Multiple sessions supported.Click banner to JOIN FREE!

Free Website Traffic Instantly.Here at HitLeap, we are dedicated to improving the ease and effectiveness of our traffic exchange. You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of HitLeap’s free service and improve your website’s metrics.When you sign up, we give you the option of using our free service and give you clear guidance on how to exchange traffic. Not in the mood to exchange? For faster results, HitLeap allows you to BUY traffic to your web page.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Increase your website traffic
Anonymous, organic or social traffic.Customise the traffic source: direct hits, search engines or social media.Instant website validation.Once a website is added it will instantly be able to receive traffic.Custom hit duration:Select how long a visitor stays on your website. Choose a fixed or random duration, from 10 to 300 seconds.Bounce rate reduction:Reduce bounce rate by having internal links of your website clicked.Geotargeting:Receive either worldwide traffic or from specific countries.Mobile traffic:Get traffic from various devices: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.Surfing app:Download and run our application to earn traffic. A web version is available.Buy traffic:Don’t have time to earn free traffic? Buy instant traffic with no limits. Click banner to JOIN FREE!

Free website traffic to your site!The exchanger lets you continuously surf and earn points without any interruptions, pop ups or frame breakers. The exchanger is a well-rounded application with a nimble dashboard that will get you earning your first points and receiving visitors to your website instantly!.Geo-targeting lets you receive hits from website visitors based on countries that are abundant in our network such as United States, France, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Our easy-to-configure manage site settings lets you choose the visit duration you desire from 10 to 60 seconds per hit with a drag of a slider! You can also set the maximum hits per hour and limit the lifetime hits of your campaigns within the manage site settings.We are by your side 24x7x365. Our team is ready to respond to all your questions and concerns. You will also have access to our large knowledge base filled with hundreds of articles on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, website performance and digital analytics. All free at your disposal! Click banner to JOIN FREE!
free is a community dedicated to bring more traffic to your website. We are building a system to make your website more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website, and it’s system is programed from the ground up, and do not contain any third party programs, plugins, and component. Our team of programmers have a mission to develop natural flowing websites!Higher the traffic of unique visitors to your website = The higher the Search Engine Rank! can help you build a large E-commerce traffic, that will generate more sales for your business!Click banner to JOIN FREE!
1:1 Traffic Exchange - 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits

1:1 Traffic Exchange, Manual Surfing 20 seconds, Earn Credits when a member joins in your downline,
up to 1 levels deep! For a direct referral, earn 100 regular Credits and 25 manual Credits.Earn 3 percent of referred members surfing, across all 1 Levels of referral.Get cash commissions for referred member purchases! For a direct referral, earn 10 percent of their purchases.Click banner to JOIN FREE!

WebHit autosurf
WebHit is an autosurf traffic exchange system, which distributes free visits. Millions visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system allows you to increase your advertising revenue, your rankings position and more.Once registered, you can submit the sites on which you wish to receive visitors. Using the viewer, you earn credits which you can redeem against visits to your site. You can also earn additional credits by recommending WebHit to your friends.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Free Traffic ExchangeOur Auto Website Traffic System has been designed for affiliates, online marketer’s and web site owners that have web sites to promote. Our system will deliver traffic to your web sites as long as they have credits allocated to them. Members need to view other members sites in-order to earn credits to advertise their own sites.With a Auto surf timer of no less than 10 seconds you can rest assured that our surfers have enough time to view your sites before deciding to either continue to view your site or continue onto the next site.Register Your World Wide Auto Surf Auto Surf Account Today and start getting traffic from Real Web Site Visitors.Every World Wide Auto Surf member has the opportunity to earn commissions on any of their direct down-lines purchases.Simply refer new members to World Wide Auto Surf, if any of your direct down line makes a purchase you will earn a percentage of the sale price.Auto Surf With A Stable Modern Surf Bar.Fast 12 Second Auto Surf Timer.Surf & Earn 0.5 credits per page view.25 Auto Surf Credits On Account Activation.100 Purchase Points On Account Activation.Earn 250 Bonus Credits For Every Referral.Earn $0.01 For Every 500 pages surfed.Earn 10% Commission On Direct Down Line Purchases.Free unlimited web site URL rotator.View PTC ads for credits and commissions.Win Multiple Prizes as you Auto surf.Instant Purchase delivery via PayPal, Payza, STP, Crypto.Auto Surf when ever you want with no login surfing.Participate in regular in-house contests for great prizes.And a lot more.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Real Quality Traffic.Adjustable View Timer.Hourly traffic control.Anonymous – hide referrer.Custom Referrer Service. Bounce Rate Reduction.Sessions on different IPs.Referral cash earning upto 25%’Banner & Text ad option.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
Boost your Alexa rank.Surf without login.Run unlimited surf by different IPs.Earn 10% credit from referral.0.8 exchange rate.Click banner to JOIN FREE!
TE Hitz
Free Traffic ExchangeAuto surf to earn advertising credits. Free auto surf accounts use a fast 14 second auto surf timer and earn 1 credit for every 2 pages viewed.As members auto surf for advertising credits we will track when your web sites recieve traffic and provide you with 7 days of traffic statistics.Members are able to earn upto 50% commissions on first level referral purchases and receive additional advertising perks from referral activity.As you auto surf for advertising credits you will be given the oppertunity to click pages that offer prizes for your auto surfing.Click banner to JOIN FREE!

Free Traffic Exchange